Whether working with individuals or groups, The Beautiful Thinking happens when:

  • Time and permission is purposefully given to exploration, creative thought and cultivating awareness.

  • The attention that is held in the space is of the highest quality, so that thinking can unfurl in absolute presence.

  • The fundamental belief is that answers and ideas can come from anyone and anywhere and when there is no place for judgement.

  • Limiting assumptions are uncovered, understood and replaced.

  • We are able to see ourselves as part of an interconnected, living system.

Life coaching for individuals

Coaching and workshops for organisations and businesses

Reasons why you might be looking for a life coach..

  • You are feeling stuck

  • You are lacking joy in your life

  • Self-belief is hard to come by

  • You can't find clarity 

  • You're not sure you're on the right path

  • You are ready to stand in your power

How can I help?


We will work together to take the conversation out of your head and into a space that is created purely for the purpose of encouraging the best quality, deep knowing. Here you are free to explore your thoughts, ideas and feelings without interruption or agenda.

Coaching is a relationship based on conversations where my role is to listen and to ask. My clients just need to bring an openness and a curiosity. I work with my clients to help draw out what they already know, to reveal behaviours and patterns of thinking that might not be serving them anymore and to bring clarity, knowing and a sense of purpose.

Reasons why you might be looking for someone like me to work with..

  • You are curious about your place in the world and how you can become the most positive, regenerative business you can be

  • You are wanting to find a new way to work with your team, one that is more creative, more soulful, more integrated and more rewarding for everyone 

  • You sense that there is a mismatch between how you see your business and how others see you 

  • You are imagining how you might embrace the benefits that can come from moving out of silos and into a more interconnected, systems way of thinking

How can I help?

In a curated, purposeful space, together we'll explore what feeds you and your team, your dreams, what your business stands for, what helps you grow, what holds you back and what you need. We will think about how you appear to the outside world, how you interact with it, how congruent your inner values are with your outer purpose, what ambitions you have, what things you do that no longer serve you.

By doing this work you will find it far easier to move forward as the integrated, living system that you are. Connected, co-creating, resilient and importantly, clear as to your purpose and the part that you and your business/organisation will play in the emerging new world.

I will not provide you with the answers. By staying open and curious we will find them together. 

"Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny."