Here's what other people have said about working with me..

Coaching client D, Communications Director

"I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Vicky. I set out on my sessions knowing that I wanted more from work but not sure what that was or how to find it. I'd fallen into and made a decent fist of a career which at times I enjoyed but which also left me frustrated and looking for more. Over the course of the sessions Vicky helped me step back and figure out what made excited and fulfilled. It never felt forced and the hour would fly by. And then with her guidance we began to hit on some core values. These were real light bulb moments. Now, going into an important state in my working life I can approach big decisions with a new found self awareness and confidence in what I need from work."

Coaching client N

"I was very fortunate to work with Vicky when I lost a new job due to unforeseen circumstances. Having just turned 50 I felt I had lost my way. I felt fragmented and my life lacked a clear direction. Working with Vicky was invaluable, in four sessions I did feel transformed. Vicky created a safe space so I could open up and be honest..With Vicky's help I feel I have released long held limiting-beliefs, something in me has shifted. I feel clearer, calmer and more focused. Mostly I am grateful that I had the opportunity and space to go deeper and connect with someone who I felt understood who I was and where I was at and could help me clear my path so I could find my way again."

Coaching client L, Social worker

"Vicky provided me with an exceptional standard of life coaching during a period of change and upheaval in my working life. I had left a career in social work but still felt confused and lost at my direction and occupational life. Vicky did not provide advice or judgement but instead facilitated and guided my own thought processes. I cannot thank her enough."

Coaching client H, Marketing Director

"I came to coaching looking for clarity and a sense of direction around a big life decision. My sessions with Vicky not only brought the clarity I needed by gave me a sense of positivity and self-belief that realised had been lacking in this part of my life. Vicky held the space beautifully, which allowed me to explore my values and beliefs and for the answers to come. I'm now moving forward with a renewed sense of what matters to me, knowing what I can do, proud of what I am capable of and with a better understanding of how I want to use the skills, ideas and passion that I have."

Coaching client J, Team Manager

"A unique approach to virtual business coaching sessions. Vicky was non-directional and reflected what I said back to me, helping me frame them in a different way to break the decisions down and find creative solutions. Thank you Vicky, I would definitely recommend anyone looking for clarity around an issue or decision to work with Vicky"

Group work, Ambos Project, Miguel Fernandez

"In a time where diaries are full and workloads are heavy, who has the time to collect everyone's thoughts and feelings about the future or the way forward? But not taking this time to think as a group, can be so detrimental to a project or a business. Working with Vicky helped us create a valuable space for us to reflect and gather our thoughts, strengthening our vision and clearing a path to the future. Invaluable."

 Living Villages, Tim Walton 

"Vicky is a quick, bright, independent thinker who uses her exemplary listening and communication skills to maximum effect."


 Origin Coffee, Tom Sobey

"Vicky will listen to what you need, get right under the skin of things and work with you to get you where you want to go."

Group work, Binit, Philippa Roberts

"Binit is a rapidly growing start up, day to day our feet barely touch the ground. Having a clear strategy and absolute clarity around what we do is therefore essential. At key points over the last couple of years Vicky has work with me and the team to help us really dig into the questions of why we do what we do, what makes us tick, what makes us brilliant. It's been so valuable. And what makes it more than just worthwhile is that Vicky really does care, which matters alot."